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Limber Set

Limber Set

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The Storywood Limber Set is a unique idea that beautifully transforms your special memories into natural artworks. This set includes 2 medium square blocks, 2 medium rectangular blocks, 2 large square blocks, and 3 large rectangular blocks, allowing you to combine any nine pictures such as wedding, family, travel, celebrations, or other cherished moments.

Please upload 9 pictures for this wall set.


Medium Set: 86 cm (W) x 76 cm (H)

  • Need a minimum 30 cm space from each side, so requires at least 146 cm (W) x 136 cm (H) space
  • Products: 2 x Small Squares, 2 x Small Rectangles, 2 x Medium Squares, 3 x Medium Rectangles

Large Set:  113 cm (W) x 85 cm (H)

  • Need a minimum 30 cm space from each side, so requires at least  173 cm (W) x 145 cm (H) space
  • Products: 2 x Medium Squares, 2 x Medium Rectangles, 2 x Large Squares, 3 x Large Rectangles



  • 35mm Natural Pine Wood


  • Professional photographic UV inkjet
  • Scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and will not fade over time

Hanging Option:

  • Removable Velcro hanging strips
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